Natural Stone, Cultured Stone & Brick Facing by Parker Homescape

Natural Stone, Cultured Stone & Brick Facing

Bring a touch of elegance to your home and outdoor living space

The sleek appearance of a stacked bluestone wall. The stately presence of a brick pillar. The rustic appeal of a Pennsylvania Field Stone fireplace. Whether you wish to create a new wall or renovate an existing wall, natural stone, cultured stone and brick facing can add natural beauty to any property or outdoor living space.


Natural stone pillars with wet laid bluestone patio create a secluded nook

Natural Stone Facing

Natural stone facing adds a timeless look to your landscape, but with modern design appeal. As it is made from real stone, its installation requires true skill, but there are numerous advantages of natural stone facing — it is extremely durable, has a higher resistance to elements and debris, and requires no painting.

Brick Facing

Add classic beauty to your home’s exterior or outdoor living space with brick facing. Unlike natural stone, bricks are engineered to have roughly the same shape, size and texture for a simplified installation. With multiple brick types and colors to choose from, you can easily match your home’s existing brick features, and get the exact look you desire.


Cultured stone pillars accentuate a bluestone patio and steps with outdoor lighting

Cultured Stone Facing

If budget is a concern, cultured stone might be a better option. It is man-made from cement cast in natural stone molds, with pigments and crushed natural stone incorporated during the process to give it a natural stone appearance. Light and durable, cultured stone can be attached to almost any surface outside of your home, from your home’s foundation to outdoor kitchens, seating walls and many other outdoor features.

Natural stone, cultured stone and brick facing can enhance these services:

Natural Stone, Cultured Stone, and Brick Facing Solutions in New Jersey

Parker Homescape has years of experience designing and installing luxurious outdoor living spaces and the elements that go into it. Our natural stone, cultured stone and brick facing are certain to add grace, beauty, elegance and value to your home and landscape.